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The Michael Law Firm was established in January of 2003 and represents clients primarily in the real estate, technology and entertainment industries.

Based in metro Atlanta, the Firm represents clients throughout the country. The Firm's attorneys are skilled at devising creative solutions for otherwise intractable legal problems.

The Michael Law Firm treats each of its clients with the utmost care and respect.  At the Michael Law Firm, we recognize that the measure of our success is determined by the extent to which we obtain the results desired by our clients. The simple truth of the matter is that no business can be successful unless it is focused like a laser beam on pleasing its customers. This is elementary. For each matter handled by the Firm, we seek first to clearly establish our client's desired objective, and then we focus all of our resources on ensuring that the client achieves that objective.


Ephraim L. Michael
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EPHRAIM L. MICHAEL is the founder of the Firm.  Mr. Michael is a business attorney with extensive experience in the areas of intellectual property, real estate and corporate law.

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